Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The one with a shield

I know I have a separate post about the party on my main blog, but I just want to share what happened to me yesterday while dressing up the venue and wanted to let you guys know about God's goodness.

The venue was low ceiling but i still had to request for either a stair lift or a ladder to help me put up the drapes. I had an assistant (aka our yaya) to help me with stuff but generally i did all the decorations hands on. So moving on, when I got the ladder from Drae, it was so high, I could bang my head on the ceiling with only taking two steps on the ladder. I decided, to be more comfortable with the ladder, to sit on top of it so i have two hands to work on. After circusing going up and down the ladder, sliding it to another side to put on another drape until i've pinned all four. After that, I slid the ladder and i heard a locking sound. You know, the sound that an equipment makes when you lock it so it won't move nor disassemble. When i heard that, i realized that the ladder was not locked all along! My gas!!! I could'nt believe it! With my weight now,I could have easily fallen down. God is so good and He is my shield forever. Thank you Lord!

True to life to ha...hehe. :) Oh and lesson learned, please make sure you learn how something is being assembled or how it should be used before even attempting to use it! waah!

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