Thursday, June 05, 2008

The one with out of composure

We went to a mall the other day to do some errands and while waiting for the instant studio pictorial to be printed, we tried on the playroom beside the studio. I only got the 30-min. play since that's the waiting time before the prints are ready. When we entered, children 4 years of age started approaching her asking to play with them. Simone was kinda shocked at first because everyone just kept on touching her and calling her "baby, baby, let's play". She just decided to lie down on one of the pillows and drank her milk. I thought we were just there to drink milk. After five minutes, she stood up and started playing. Her first stop...the books! Oh yes, she really, really loves books. After flipping through the pages, one girl approached her again and this time she was ready to play. She went to the grocery area to get a cart, pick up some plastic veggies, fruits, and fishes and then put them in her cart. As she was strolling around the room talking with the other children to words she can only understand, one 4-year old boy grabbed her grocery items and ran away. Then the little boy shouted, "Akin 'to!" (These are mine!) My daughter looked at me and waited as to how i will react. I ignored the boy and told her to just get some more grocery items. We went back to the grocery area and got another batch. Then she strolled again with her cart and grocery items. The boy noticed that we did'nt give any attention to him, decided to grab her whole grocery cart and shouted at Simone, "This is mine!" The then furious mommy in me shouted back at him, "THAT IS NOT YOURS!" And I saw the scared look in the boy's face and he walked away. And he did'nt bother simone anymore. Simone, on the other hand, just looked at me and the little boy and then played another toy, the ball.

When I mentioned the story to my husband, it was only then that i realized how much proud i should be of my daughter. I mean, at her age, she knows how to ignore bullies like the little boy and how to keep herself composed, while the mommy snaps at the little boy. She did'nt cry at all. She just looked at the boy and the most that she did, was to point at the boy to tell me that he stole her toys. I don't know if it's because she still does'nt know the concept of "getting toys from you tactics" or that she still simply does'nt care. I also don't know if my baby is a pushover (which i hope not) but i'm sure more social skills will manifest in the future years. As of now, i'm just glad as to how she managed to handle such incident. The mommy out of composure, the baby full of composure. hahaha.

Oh and by the way, upon exiting the playroom, I told those working there that the little boy is such a bully and should not be allowed to play with others. haha. could'nt get enough huh?

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Pinky said...

Jacque, natawa ko pinatulan mo talaga yun lil boy. at isinumbong mo pa sa awtoridad! hehe bait ni simone, si charlie sisigawan nya yun at the top of her lungs. ako ang tameme..hahaha