Thursday, June 19, 2008

The one with PPBC 3

Thank you so much doc joey for inviting me to join and will definitely join on the future topics.

These are the questions for the 3rd edition:

1. What are the things your parents did that you would definitely still follow?
2. What are the things your parents did that you would do differently?

To answer the first question, I grew up with a family closely knit. My parents taught us to express our love to our siblings, hence, we are malambing to each other and we grew up knowing each other's secrets and all. We can stroll while holding hands and my brothers don't mind if i hug them in public. haha. Same with our parents, it has always been easy for me to open up with them and share my kilig moments with my crushes. So i'm sure to follow that. I love the communication line that we have among each other. I know that not many families have that.

On the other hand, Simon and I would want a more disciplinarian type of parenting. I guess, it would have to come from his side and not mine since he grew up from a chinese family. I admire the discipline my father in law taught his children. My parents are more of the democratic type. too democratic i guess that should you decide to do something that they don't agree and you still do it, you'd suffer the consequences. It's their way of us exercising our independence. It made a good effect on me but it was too risky for my younger brother who was so happy-go-lucky when he was still studying. Imagine my mom having to let him stop his schooling until he realized that he wanted to go back and get serious with life. What if my brother never realized that? What will my mom and dad do? It was way too risky. I admire them for that but at the same time, i know that God made us parents in order to train our children in the way they should go and part of that training is making sure that they travel the right roads.

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