Sunday, June 22, 2008

The one with 16 months

Time flies really fast and before we knew it, she climbs stairs alone and we run after her. Of course, when she climbs the stairs, we're just behind her. she does'nt want to be assisted so we just make sure that we're an arm's reach away.

Simone now 16 months is manifesting more on the verbal developments lately. Or i guess since she started walking which i considered her biggest motor skill milestone that she has achieved, i think it's time we take notice of her speech developments. haha.

~ One time, she was asked by a bank teller what her name is and she answered "bahhr-nyi" for barney. haha.
~ She now knows how to sign "diaper", "monkey", "hat", "bath", "cereal" and "baby". as in we use them when communicating with her which is actually cool.
~ She talks on the phone but we can't really understand her words. haha
~ She says "wawey" for flower. cute! i used to say "butata" for bulaklak.
~ She obeys instructions like "give this to mommy/daddy/ate maru/grandma", put your shoes back, get your crayons, pick up the ball, massage daddy, and other simple instructions. it's so cool coz she really knows how to do what we ask.
~ She so loves music. At the church, we always had to run after her coz she will always go to where all the musical inctruments are or get the microphone as if wanting to sing. cute!
~ She has this habit of getting your hand and put it on her tummy or head or wherever she wants you to scratch her. haha. she loves the kamot feel to make her sleep
~ She can now point where she feels pain. Like when she had a fever and she felt heavy, she put her hand on her head and when she's colicky, she'd put my hand on her tummy for a massage.
~ Her allergic rhinitis came back. So no powder for her again which is hard coz she perspires easily. Doctor prescribed Scott's emulsion for her to lessen infection that may cause her colds.

Yey! She's a big girl na!

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