Friday, June 20, 2008

The one with Eldar

After such a long time, I was able to go back to Enchanted Kingdom! yey! the last time i went there was with our music ministry group about nine years ago. Well, not so much has changed since then but I love the Eldar's ten. haha. when you feel like you can't take the heat anymore, just go there and voila, instant relief! perfect for parents with babies. We did'nt bring simone coz she had colds then and we thought that it might just worsen should we decide to bring her.

It was part of simon's family day at the office. Perfect date na rin and since all expense-paid sya, including money to buy souvenirs and pasalubongs, what more can you ask for?! thank you FLG. we rode the space shuttle (nah! joke lang, i will never ride that journey-to-hell-coaster), flying fiesta, up, up and away, wheel of fate, watched rialto, swan lake, dodgem. we were'nt able to explore the water rides coz we were scared of catching colds. hehe. here are some pictures.

more pics at my multiply site.

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