Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The one with Sarah's birthday

Sarah is my high school barkada and a few years after college, she headed to canada to start her life there. After five years, she's back for a whole month of vacation. Last night was her birthday celebration which we have planned weeks before she came to manila. it was successful albeit some minor glitches. haha. successful in terms of how she felt after the party. she had a blast and she really felt special that night.

Program started late. I had to go home again to change clothes since i was the one who did the set-up (my first time professionally!) and when i came back at past seven, only a few guests were there. everyone else was stuck in traffic and some were even lost, they were even asking us for a travel guide or a map. haha. We started at 730pm and for crying out loud, i was assigned to be one of the hosts...impromptu! what?!

But still, i had fun last night. it was nice seeing my high school friends whom i have'nt seen in twelve years! i had to go table hopping to chat with them and catch up. After the party, I started feeling muscle pains while I was taking off the drapes. Sarah's dad approached me and thanked me for all the hard work I did and for being the troubleshooter last night. I answered back, "Sir, I havent seen your daughter for five years. I missed her so much so all of these are labor of love" I'm really gonna miss her. I mean, we chat often but seeing her here is more fun. Love you mare!

Oh and before i forget, last night was my first set-up. i had tons of fun preparing for it. When you see guests taking home all your balloons, it can make all the stress go away. And it truly did. I was touched when nothing was left last night. Everyone painstakingly took off the balloons of their choice and some even asked for my number. Yey! But most importantly, Sarah liked the set-up. She did'nt expect it all. More yey! More stories about my first balloon set-up at my main blog.

Pictures to follow as soon as Nap emails them to me. haha.

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Nap said...

I'm back online! Pictures to come in a while.