Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The one with love parted

I'm no Rudy Fernandez fan. But who would'nt be sad with the news? it was so sudden, everytime i'd see it on TV, it really makes me sad. I, myself, was hopeful for his health. Reading the featured birthday party he had last March, I saw pictures of a strong man and someone who did'nt look ill at all. He still had his signatured mustache, the puffy eyes, and the thick hair that he used to wash with perla.

I followed their battle on his cancer. About how they went to the US and had a clinical laboratory service in preparation for his treatment. But moreso, I followed Lorna's journey of this. I could not imagine where she drew the strength she had to give. But I know God gave it to her. She was so strong all throughout. When her husband passed away, she was in deep mourning. And I so empathize with her loss.

I pray for rudy's family and Lorna. Their love may have parted in death, but it will forever stay in spirit. God is good all the time.

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