Sunday, June 22, 2008

The one with a typhoon weekend

Again, 21 and 22 fell on a weekend but we only stayed mostly at home since Typhoon Frank passed by. Man, he was really scary. Saturday night felt like i did'nt sleep at all coz i had to check the house once in a while and check on simone since there was no electricity. It was the first typhoon experience we had here in golden city.

Saturday morning, we prepared pansit for simone. I did'nt buy a cake anymore coz all of us just had a round of the virus and we all just recovered from our colds and cough so no sweets for a while. hehe. Happy 16th month simone!

Sunday the whole day, I had to attend to my event. It's a baptism for Baby Forbes and while typhoon Frank was at his height of winds and rain, i had to do balloons at acropolis. adventure! more stories here. Simon and I did'nt celebrate our monthsary muna outside, we just stayed at home and had a great family time.

It was still a weekend well spent. Happy birthday and happy monthsary!

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