Thursday, June 19, 2008

The one with daddy's corner

Better late than never! Got this from Issa (sis, i miss your visits!) and although this is a late father's day treat, im still answering the tag. :)

My way, way better half

1. I've always believed that my husband is one of the, if not the nicest person i know. When I met him ten years back, i've always seen him as God's best. His relationship with God, his sensitivity, his sense of humor, and his gift of music all rolled into one. Can you ask for more?

2. I love how we jive. He's the child-like, I'm the serious type. When we got married, i remember our ate norene used to tell me, "simon does'nt even look like he's ready for marriage" haha. But he was. :) And seeing him now as a father, he embraced fatherhood as much as i have embraced motherhood.

3. I love how he is more mabait and patient with me that i'am with him. haha. selfish i know.

4. I love how he is close to his sisters and his lady friends. I mean, he's the type that can't flirt, he's just really malambing. And you know what they say..."How a man treats his mom and his sisters is how he will treat his wife."

5. His passion for music is a gift from God. I mean, I've seen him evolved from an aspiring musician to where he is now. And all i can say is that God is truly using his talent. And God is really bringing him to places where he's supposed to be. Working for a TV network was his greatest dream before and now it's a reality. So i wont be surprised if he'll be the next Ryan Cayabyab or Mel Villena or if God sends him to Hillsong church. yey! cool!

I love you beh! and thank you for the music that we share together entitled Marriage. :)

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