Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The one with a funny story

I remembered my brother in law, chris, narrating this story of how he got his passport.

Disclaimer: My BIL is more on the chinese-skin side. He's fairer than simon, much, much fairer. haha. So anyway, when he went to DFA to get his passport, he knew that the passport is ready already and going there to get it will be as easy as 1-2-3. So when it was his turn for an informal interview of the releasing passport personnel (heck, what do you call them?) he was asked about him being chinese. Since our passport system now is kinda strict on nationalities of filipino-chinese. this is how they had the conversation

DFA: So, paano ka naging chinese? (how did you become chinese?)
BIL: Lim ang mommy ko, Tan ang daddy ko. ayan o, nakasulat sa birth certificate ko. (my Mom is Lim and my dad is Tan, it's written in my birth certificate)
DFA: Ilang percent? (how many percent?)
BIL: (sarcastically) 22%! o ano?!
DFA: Mga Filipino citizens ba sila? (Are they filipinos?)
BIL: Ayan o, nakalagay sa marriage certificate namin na NSO certified (There, it's stated in my marriage certificate which is NSO certified)
DFA: Eh bakit ikaw maputi ka kung Filipino ka? (And how come you have fairer skin?)
BIL: EH kasalanan ko ba kung madilim ang kulay mo?! (Can you blame me if yours is dark?)

Hahaha. As in i could imagine him with the sarcastic look in his face. bwahaha. Classic.

Oh and just in case you're wondering, he still got his passport that day. ;)

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