Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The one with celebrating half a year

My nephew is six months old already! I got a call from Jane yesterday and she reminded us to have dinner at the Tans for his 6-month celebration. He has grown to be such a darling. When he's making his "Sergio" look, he looks like Oliver, but when he smiles, he has Jane's laugh lines. We love him dearly. And on the way home, while Simone was sleeping on my lap, Simon and I reminisced the day Justin was born. I could still remember everything. And it was such a memorable experience. Everytime I'd tell friends about it, it makes me teary-eyed. It was really a test of faith for the whole family. God is really good!

We spent the evening with chicken fajitas, pasta, and balloons which i made for him. we used the mini-pillar i made as background for pictures. haha. Plus, we got to meet again Jason, my SIL kookie's bf. at least, last night was way, way better than the first meeting. haha. love you bebs!

And now, we're planning on an overnight stay at Legend Villas this month in celebration of Achie's birthday con family get-together. It's not the St. John Villa rentals type, but Popsie got a free accommodations at Legend Villas which was the same room we got during jane's bridal shower party. We're pretty excited about i!

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