Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The one with family updates

Hmm, have'nt done this for a while now. What's cooking with the Little Tans? Nothing much, except that Simone is growing up so fast. She's not a baby anymore. And then there goes my emoticon burst again. haha.

~ My mom and I talked about when and if i want to have a second child since simone is growing up already and i also have to think of my OB's deadline for me. haha. Seriously, Simon and I have talked about it every now and then and we are on the same boat of not imagining another baby just yet. But of course, we welcome the blessing! It's just that we still can't imagine it now. ;)

~ We've moved up to the next level about the negotiations on the house we're renting now. We seriously want this already, although major renovations had to be made. But it will come. We've been exchanging emails with our godparents and we're also discussing about our options already. On the other hand, I'm more open as well to look into houses offered by real estate agents, those new ones and not the ones with foreclosure help. I've always been like this, I need to see all my choices before i can decide which one i like. Good for me, Simon does'nt mind. haha. So, pray pray pray that we'll soon acquire a house that is our own...all ours!

~ We've been bugged with viruses at home. I don't know who's the main source but we were all infected. Simone has a little sipon but i tried not giving her medicines first since i want to try alternatives on her like the calamansi, oranges and just vitamins. I think it worked but on a slower pace compared to that of medicines. My voice is still not back to its normal condition but i'm free of a bad cough already

~ We're going to Enchanted Kingdom on Saturday! Too bad though, we won't be bringing simone. we decided not to bring her coz it's an office outing, hence, too crowded for her. we will be riding on a bus and not a car and i just think that it'll be too much heat for her. I just hope we made the right decision of not bringing her. i'll miss her. Simon wanted the outing to be our date na rin kasi. haha. So we're bringing my SIL and her boyfriend instead. Yey!

~ We'll be watching Cinderella on August 2. haha, excited! Ritz bought the tickets for us. It's a shame that this is the first time that we're watching a Lea Salonga show. Better late than never. haha.


Mec said...

ganda...baket me deadline from your OB?

and naks naman... house-buying ever! good luck sis... :)

~ Mhay ~ said...

Hi sis! a tag for you here