Friday, June 27, 2008

The one with groggy

I only slept for three hours last night. Simone woke me up at 4am with her "Mama", "mama" sounds and we found ourselves tickling each other while the sun was peeking through the clouds. I planned to take a nap with her after she takes a bath in the morning, but just before we have breakfast, i got a text from my mom and she told me that she's not feeling well. i called her and told her to go to the hospital. apparently, people in the house left already for work and she had no one to accompany her. I, of course, volunteered i'd pick her up. So without taking a bath and breakfast, I changed my pajamas to a shirt and shorts and drove to her house. We went to Medical City in Ortigas and some tests were done. She had vertigo and her cholesterol's a little higher than normal. But she was'nt given any medication for the cholesterol. She was just advised to have a healthier diet. Haha, my mom loves to eat and she and my dad have this habit of cooking as if it's your last supper or cooking like there's no tomorrow. They always cook more for a house of four adults with sons who don't even eat at home. And while we're having lunch, i was teasing her to stop cooking so much food and just deliver it at home so we can save for grocery items. haha. and i was telling her that the doctor will prescribe her a phentermine tablet soon if she does'nt lose weight. But I'm glad she's okay now. I always find myself driving for my family and even simon's family when they need to go to the hospital and i never liked the smell nor the feel of any hospital for that matter. But of course, I'd do anything for my family
and i love serving them, so while restlessly waiting for the results of my mom's tests, i just decided to spend some time in the nursery area of TMC to view the cute babies and observe the new parents who are savoring each moment of their viewing time with their baby. So precious. I also prayed for those babies whom i saw have special needs, like the other baby who was in ICU and the other one with eyes covered by a bandage with reason i don't know. I know they'd bounce back soon. :)

I'm just glad that despite my groggy self a while ago, i managed to do some grocery shopping (a quick one) and did'nt forget any household item i needed to buy. yey! and my meeting was rescheduled. more yey! so i had the rest of the day to sleep and play with simone! another yey!

Have a great weekend ahead! I'm excited to do some decors for jovie's twins tomorrow

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