Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The one with a stye and colds

I caught a bad colds last week that made me stayed at home for three days. I did'nt have a fever but my body was so heavy, I just wanted to sleep the whole day. So I did last wednesday. Thursday was better but when saturday came, (during part two of our seminar) it turned to be a running nose. And just when i needed my voice to speak about the topic assigned to me and facilate the games, that happened. But I still thank God coz He gave me the strength to still do it. We all had a great time. Our pastor wanted to make a module out of it and church-hop so we can teach other music ministries on praise and worship. It was indeed a very refreshing experience. And when we were about to end the seminar, my mom texted me that simone has a slight fever. I prayed and tried not to get distracted nor get worried of her condition. Alas! God is good, when we got home she did'nt have any feverish sign on her. Yey! But she caught my colds too because she kept on removing the mask I was putting on everytime i carried her. at least, we're both fine now.

I'd also have to give credit to the supplements my mom gave me. And so i thought those were like Hydroxycut fat burner where you'd lose weight when you take it, i thought otherwise. They're just ascorbic acid vitamins, but really effective ones. From now on, I'd take that everyday. It's ironic how i used to work for a division of a pharma company and i'am not a great fan of medicines. I mean, I know they're important, I just don't take them as my primary course of action. I usually try to endure the pain as much as i can and then drink one when i can't anymore. haha.

And now I have a stye. I read it in my egroup and I have one! (very timely) It's really small but it bothers me. My right eye hurt and i'd have to wear sunglasses when outdoor coz i feel like everyone's looking at IT. haha. oh well, i hope this goes off soon. It's enough that i have eyebags, i don't need a stye to make my eyes look puffier. :(

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