Monday, December 31, 2007

The one with the second year

Yey! Simon and I are two years married already...and where did the time go??? everything, started from the time we got married was really a fast forward event of our lives. it's like the book just keeps on turning its pages and we can't seem to notice how time literally flies away. but everything's good. on our second year, we have been blessed with a baby whom we love so much. and she's more than what we hoped for and even dreamt of.

Simon and I, for the past eleven years that we've known and loved each other, I can say that only little has changed. we still laugh at our craziest and corniest jokes, we still can make each other laugh with the same jokes told a hundred times, haha. he's still the same guy i met years back. He still makes me happy and more. the only difference i think is how we have become matured in situations that we are faced right now. no matter how overwhelming family life and parenthood is, we know that everything will work out just fine. and i can say that he is a very good father and husband. i really thank God for him.

of course, we had a little celebration of our own. we wanted to go and check in to a hotel or at least have a dinner there but since the traffic did'nt permit us to go to a far venue to celebrate, what better way to do it is to go to where he proposed...eastwood city! yey! we both love that place. we ate for the first time at Il Pirata. nice ambience, good food, (although a little over-priced on their homemade pasta) and had a good laugh talking to him. what's good about us is that no matter where we go or what we do, we can easily turn and light up a night...and that's how it was. :)

we capped the evening with a kind gesture by donating to Cribs foundation where a big chirstmas tree is hang at the center of eastwood and you can give donation and your wish and hang it on the tree. of course, we got one for simone too! hehe.

I love you beh and looking forwards for more years to come! as always, pictures coming right up!

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