Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The one with beauty time

It was a blessing in disguise. 

My laptop broke down (well, the case stuck up so i can't open it fully, i had to transfer some files while it was a quarter opened. haha) and i can't do much so i had to do everything manually.  I arranged my deposit slip files according to names, I cleaned my bag and disposed receipts and other trash. All these while i was at starbucks.  It was a good downtime for my internet world and a good quality time for my decluttering. haha.

I had some free time (yes, simone was at her lola's so i had an alone time) and my husband texted me "sulitin mo na yung oras na di ka makaka-computer, magpaparlor ka, facial etc" (make the most out of your free time, go to a parlor or have a facial") and so i did. My last facial was the date only god knows when. haha. And i can tell from the hands of the one who did my face that she got tired having to remove all the dirt.  It was actually a diamond peel with facial. hihi.  I brought a book when i went to the mall and good thing i did. I was able to catch up on my reading albeit it was still a business-related one.  I purchased this "blogging for business" book and although it's a little basic, at least i learned a few good tips about blogging. :)

The following day was my usual meeting day. I scheduled two meetings that day but the other postponed so i had again some free time to myself.  This time, i went to a nail salon. I pampered my nails and gave a second manicure in a span of a month. weeh! this is a first! :) i dont know, lately, im just being conscious about how i look and trying to figure out how i'd best look or at least exert an effort to stay decent. bwahaha.  i browsed some magazines and was able to get a hold of a cosmopolitan mag.  it was refreshing to know that the mag has changed its format and they now give really useful information for teens and for moms as well.  I finished reading an article about a pill and how diet pill side effects has its own positive and negative ones.  The article was suggesting a lot of brands women can try out but i don't think i'll be ever ready to take one. :)

So happy had a good "me" time! hope this will turn out to be a regular thing :)

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Jill said...

Im so happy for you mare! Muah! love you!