Thursday, September 09, 2010

The one with thinking of ways

After i had my 3rd uti in 4 months, I talked to Simon about things how we could unload for Partyboosters and delegate some tasks so i could at least breathe more.  My good friend, Jill, suggested me to have a driver.  At first, i was "is'nt that for the elite and the super rich people?" but she had really good points.  I noticed that during days that i have events, I drive like crazy going back and forth to places and on top of that, i had to text or make calls while im on my way.  I would'nt feel the stress at that moment because of my adrenaline rush but yes, it is stressful.

So i got Kuya Zaldo to try and see if things will be better with a driver.  and whew, it really is! I got him as my on-call driver since i don't go out everyday.  but for weekends, i'll surely need a driver.  Kuya Zaldo is one of my balloon artists too but since he is disabled, there are some things that i can't ask him to do so i chose other artists over him but when it comes to driving, he's the man!  He recently claimed his disability insurance that's why he's very eager to work more now. hehe.

I also got achie to help me with partyboosters, making her my industrial partner.  we had a meeting yesterday and i think it's very productive. 

Thank you Lord for giving us more ways for Partyboosters to expand :) Better slow but surely :)

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