Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The one with faith in highest form

I literally got goose bumps.

This is IT! I know God has really good plans for us and I know that He will provide for everything.  It was almost the same feeling when we had Vin.  We did'nt know at all how we'd be able to cope up but God made sure everything will be just fine.  And it really is. :)

And now taking another leap of faith is exciting and frightening at the same time.  You literally do'nt have the hold of the future, all you know is that you offered it to God and that you trust that God will help you find your way.  So yes, it is exciting how God will work on this.

Hahaha...I'm sure while reading this, you're like "So what is it?!"  You'll find out really soon!!!


"Q" said...

hmm chisms :) we saw wach other tues and you didn't tell me about this mare. hehe

Simon Peter Tan said...

Walang imposible kay GOD! wooohoooo!!!!