Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The one with she's getting hitched

I feel like 2010 just passed me by...literally and figuratively...

And this last quarter, we're up for more busy days.  Kookie's getting married in december and we just realized that it's nearing when i spontaneously bought a wedding magazine. haha. it's been years since i got a hold of one but preparing for weddings or just attending one will always be a happy time for me. (sucker!)

So I browsed the magazine and came up with new ideas for kookie and jayson's wedding.  I wanted to do so many things, things that i was'nt able to do on our wedding (since we were so on a budget back then) I'm in charge of the venue styling which gives me delight and pressure at the same time. I have to make this one my baby project.  Swags and draping concept is done, stage backdrop not yet and ceremony decors. I have yet to plan the table centerpieces so it would go nicely with the set-up of the caterer.

We don't have gowns yet. yikes! My sisters in law went to do some gown-hunting and found some nice ones but little did they realize that our motiff is just so hard to find.  We only alloted a specific budget for the gowns, wish we'd be successful with finding one. My body clock is telling me i gained weight again.  the reason why i'm not looking for gowns as of the moment.  haha. I'd have to check other ways to lose weight as the acai reviews i read did'nt work.  Or was it me who did'nt try it at all?! nyahaha.

We're onto the last quarter of the wedding we go again! :)

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