Sunday, January 04, 2009

The one with Holiday greetings

I know this post is so delayed, nonetheless, im still greeting everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year! I hope you had a blessed christmas and a joyous welcome to the new year! Simon and I have decided that we won't be bringing down the christmas lights til February especially the indoor lighting he installed. I don't know, we just could'nt believe that the holidays are over and that our much-awaited favorite season is almost up. hay. But cliche as it may be, everyday can be christmas. aaawww...

we have so many stories to share. Had a busy December packed with events, Jannet gave birth already, we spent our christmas eve house-hopping to our parents' and spending the 12mn dinner at home. same with new year's eve; went to tagaytay for a family bonding fun!

more posts to come, promise!

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