Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The one with table for six

Warning: Naan, baka ma-homesick ka lalo sa post na to ha. hehe.

In my previous post I mentioned about the baby shower we had for jannet. actually, baby shower and christmas get together na namin yun in one. hehe. and we were the first to arrive at TOSH. when we entered the resto we were asked by the waiter, "table for...?" and i actually stopped and thought longer than expected. kasi nasanay ako na table for 8, (simon, me, jon, jill, naan, jason, jannet and richard) and then now, i just said, "six". when we sat down, i told simon. "beh, hindi ako sanay na anim lang tayo...wala lang, i miss them" i miss naan and jason. may difference talaga without them sa group. hay. umuwi na kayo!!!

on a lighter note, we had fun pa din with us six together. grabe, jannet's tummy is really big na. we intentionally didnt bring simone with us kasi we wanted to chat with them longer and parang date na rin kasi namin ni simon yun. ahehe. we gave gifts to each other, updating each other of how are lives are: jannet having to deliver via CS coz of her placenta previa. (bad placenta previa talaga!), jon and jill sharing their macau experience and their gimmicks with naan and jason, and us updating them about simone, how GMA choir won champion (hihi), our events and other stuff. kahit we seldom see each other, parang wala lang. okay lang. ganun ata talaga if best friends or someone you're close with, the frequency of meet ups might not be that often but you know in your hearts that you're there for each other always. :)

here are some pics:

more pictures here

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