Friday, January 23, 2009

The onewith totally defective

The other day, I found a weighing scale in my mom's house, something that i have not befriended for the longest time. haha. and just like that, i tipped the scale and found that i was on my pre-pre pregnancy'd think i'd be surprised and excited about it, but no. I talked to my mom (in a serious tone haha) to have the scale fixed or just throw it in the trash! heck, im not even close to my pre-pergnancy weight, moreso the weight i used to have when i was just a bride. hahaha. So yes, it's totally defective. although ate maru and mommy still think it's working. duh?! nyahaha.

And for two days now, I've been drinking wheatgrass. and promise, I love my sister-in-law but i really don't like the taste. and simon keeps on pushing me to finish the wheatgrass drink he prepared for me (prepared meaning mix it with water). everytime i'd drink, I'd have to think that it's good for me, it will cleanse my body from all the junk i eat and drink. totally psyched i know.

And i don't know if this will make me feel even better or worse. I was browsing thru some pictures of the EB the w@wies had back in 2005. and to my surprise, we were all much much thinner then that i thought we were. hahaha. and to think we never thought we were at that time. it would always be "my arms are big for me", "i have to lose weight for the wedding" blah blah blah. so without my friends' consents, im sharing some of the pics here. haha.
hay, kainis tong si pinky, still the same sexy body after two babies...grr...

for crying out loud, i can still see my collar bone here. haha.

im so sorry nap and rhea, na-scam ko kayo sa pic na to! haha.

and concon, super payat...pero she's back in her body na rin naman now. good for you mare!

My mind is defective on wanting to lose weight but never really doing and trying hard to do it. It's defective because no matter how much I dreamt of having lesser digits on that scale, I still enjoy and feel good about myself. It's because I'd always associate the gaining of weight to having the most precious angel of our lives and I'd feel much fulfilled knowing that there's a good reason for all the weight gain. haha, enough with the rationale. and i'd be always defective feeling jealous with all my girlfriends who had a baby and even babies and still have a body to pass as a teen. bwahaha.

Lipovox anyone???


jeng said...

Grabe! As in! Di bale sis, katawan lang naman nagbago sa atin...beautiful pa rin naman! Pampalubag-loob ; )

Ann said...

I'd go with Jeng ... maganda pa din tayo hahaha. Ok lang tumaba pero never lose hope na pumayat tayo ... pana-panahon lang yan.

Rhea said...

winner ang post na ito, mare!! i love our pics!! hahaha :) and yes, we're more beautiful now than ever. :)