Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The one with dehydrated

Oh no, i really think i got dehydrated the other day. I had my monthly cramps along with a loose bowel you know. When i woke up, my body felt sore. I thought it might just pass as i work and do my thing. Until i met with my second meeting, i really felt i had to go home already. I asked my third client if we can re-schedule our meeting as i need to drive home as soon as possible, else i wont make it. My body just gave up on me. You know the feeling when your energy just drained and all of a sudden you just want to lie down and close your eyes. Before going home I bought two bottles of Gatorade so i'll have more energy while driving. I braved and drove. Thank God was able to go home unharmed. When i reached home, I could'nt eat that well (now that's my answer to losing weight, harhar). I just wanted to sleep. Good thing my mom went home with us so she can take care of simone while i doze off. I woke up at 12 noon the ff. day with short wake-up calls during simone's milk time. I still felt a little weak so i'd still sleep after eating and drinking. I really thought i was dehydrated plus overfatigued i guess. but come to think of it, twas not such a busy-busy week for me. so i guess it's more of the dehydrated thingy.

Now at least everything's better. was able to read books earlier today (yes, books as in plural form), was able to reply to my emails and text messages. yey! Thank you Lord for healing me. promise, i'd drink more fluids next time.

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