Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The one with my own little puppet

When you have a househelp who's a native Bisaya, this incident may also happen in your home.

Mommy: "Simone, repeat after mommy...I...love...you..."
Simone: "I...lab...yu"
Yaya: "Ambot!"
Simone: "Ahh..bot!"

When Simone sees her ate maru's favorite teleserye dyosa, she calls her ate and tells her: "Ate...dyu-sa" promise! hahaha.

We make fun of it but seriously i hope we can correct it. She's a mestizang bisaya na. but we love ate maru coz she tries so hard to correct her enunciation and diction for simone. :) thank you ate. :)

On other mini-milestones, Simone can identify her alphabets individually. she has'nt memorized the song yet but show her the letters and she can tell which letters are which. :) her colors are as follows:

green for "gin"
blue for "bulu"
pink for "barney"
purple for "barney"
white for "milkum" (as in milk kasi white, hehe)
yellow for "yelow"
orange for "owenge"

she sings more now. she can sing and hit the pitch of the end words on every phrase sa song. yung dulo lang kasi yung kinakanta nya pero tama lagi yung word and yung pitch. cool. but what we do now is we play the song "Sing" everyday coz she loves that song and hopefully she'll be able to sing the whole song. haha, pressure!

love you baby!


"Q" said...

hahaha ako din nung bata ako bisaya yaya ko kaya yung "pink" ko "penk" tapos "Jesus" is "Ge-sus". pero ok lang yan. :)

Can't wait to see Simone and all of you guys in a few weeks :) Wahoo!

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The Choco Loco said...

haluuu!!! got a tag for you ... http://www.mysweetlife.info/2009/01/friendship-flower-award.html

Jacque said...

naan, hahaha. promise, nakakatawa nga e. bisaya na si simone! excited na rin ako makita kayo ni jason!!! as in!!!

Carlos said...

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