Thursday, July 30, 2009

The one with missing in action

Yes, I'am missing in action for almost a month already. I have so many stories to tell and to be excited about but I can't find the right timing to do so. yikes! But i can't complain. I don't have the right to complain. God is good and I'm sure it's just a matter of prioritizing things and time management and everything will be pretty back in shape (err, i'll get used to it...)

I seldom talk about partyboosters here since this is my family blog but can i just say that I'm so grateful that God blesses us with clients and I mean, it's really overwhelming. I know you'd hear this on awards night, but really, "I never expected this." hahaha. and siguro nga it's true, that you set your expectations low but you exert your best effort. It has always been true to me. When I started Partyboosters last year, I never, never expected that we'll have events on a weekly basis and not just one party but on the average of four parties over a weekend. When I share it to my husband and my friends, nakakakilig lang coz I know it's God's favor. Parang dati, happy nako to have one party sa isang buong weekend. hahaha. and now, nakakatuwa that there are bookings up to March of next year already. hahaha.

Although looking at the other side of it, it's also building stress and pressure on me. Before I'd have more time surfing the net, updating my multiply and answering to clients' emails. now, i barely have time for a decent manicure. As much as possible, I don't want my quality time with my simone to suffer and I mean that. Mawalan nako ng "me" time, that's ok. But I can never lessen the time i spend with my daughter, even if she had to go with me during set-ups and meetings, I don't mind. hehehe, that's what we actually do now. :) But like what i shared to a client and some of my bestfriends, I don't want to be burn out. That's why I had to decline some clients already for some dates this month. It's my birthday month and I want to enjoy the most of it, for crying out loud. Pilitin ko talaga mag bakasyon, promise! If only an apatrim can also lessen my stress and not just my weight. hahaha.

More kwentos to share on my next posts...

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Rhea said...

wow, congrats, sis! :) God is indeed so good! :) May God bless you more!