Thursday, July 09, 2009

The one with updates

It's been a while since my last update about our family. Simone has learned her numbers from 1 to 40. She's memorized the Barney song and can sing the same song over and over during car rides. as in, she never gets tired of it. katuwa. it's like a loop in an ipod, haha. Other songs that she sings a lot are twinkle, twinkle, row, row your boat, where is pinky? and many more.

I and my husband are currently overworked. harhar. I'm not sure if what we do have peak and off seasons but definitely this month is one of the peak seasons. He has so many deadlines to meet, I have events to attend to. I cannot believe that July 19 is my most number of bookings to date. waah! to think that i turned down two clients already. nyahaha. don't ask how many, it makes me nervous. hahaha. i plan to hibernate starting monday next week to prepare for the events. But of course, we will never forget to treat ourselves right so we reserved two tickets for Boyz to Men concert on July 21. yahoo! im giddily excited! it's a relief that they will hold it on a weeknight. so much better that way! I'm just waiting for the call from ticketnet. I can't wait! hehe.

Going back to us being overworked. Well, we're not really overworked as we still get up late (but sleep late too) and has more control of our time still. So no need to complain. hehe. I think it's the fact that we are more motivated now to work harder since we are saving up for one of our wishlists and since we are now debt-free (im so proud!) as in credit card,zero balance! wahoo! it's so much easier to save now compared before. We just hope the goal amount that we want to target this year will become a reality. haha. so far, we're halfway there. trabaho lang ng trabaho! hahaha. But Florida vacations might be a good dream too, dont you think? *wink*

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