Sunday, July 05, 2009

The one with catching up

Yesterday was my godson's baptism. Vince is the firstborn of Jannet and Richard and I, of course, took charge of the venue decors. Albeit some last-minute stress, I can still say that everything went well. One thing I noticed lang is that it's so much different pala when your clients are your friends and/or family. hahaha. But I love what I do, so it's something that im sure i'll get accustomed with.

We were'nt able to chat and catch up so we decided to have an early breakfast this morning to spend more time catching up. It was a good girl time at Jannet's place. They're currently based in Bulacan now that's why the opportunity to be together again can't be missed out. We talked about motherhood, house plans, our dreams for our families, how hard it is to budget and of course, the never ending diet plans. hahaha. I even asked them where to buy nuphedra but of course, a healthy way of dieting is still the best option.

Thanks girls for a wonderful time. hope to see you again soon! :)

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