Thursday, July 09, 2009

The one with achie

Last June 26 was the birthday of our achie, the eldest of the Tan siblings. To my embarrassment, I almost forgot about her birthday. well, i was still able to greet her in the morning but my mom in law reminded me about it pa. yikes! bad!

We treated our achie for an Ultra 7 cinema experience. We watched Transformers 2. For a while, I had second thoughts about it since she's not a fan. she does'nt even know who the characters are. hahaha. but when she said it's ok, we got excited pa rin. Unfortunately, even if we watched it on a monday, we only got two seats for the reservation so simon had to watch it on another cinema 30 minutes later from our showing time. hehe.

Ultra 7 experience is really one of my best cinema experiences. I've always loved Eastwood but this cinema gives me the best service ever. :) There are only 60 people who can watch at a certain showing time, there are lazy boys situated by two's with a very good distance from each other so that when you recline the lazy boy, you won't hit the head of the one in front of you. haha. you just need to raise your hand if you want more popcorn or drinks. winner! unlimited popcorn and drinks for the whole duration of the movie. Gosh! Service deluxe to the fullest! I think the only thing missing were alarm systems on every lazy boy so that you just need to press it and someone will immediately attend to you. hahaha. abuso!

After the movie, we were happy that achie enjoyed it, as in. she's kinda picky kasi on cinemas and she really enjoyed the ambiance and the service. more yey! unknowingly, she felt that we always spoil her on her birthday and it will always be something unique and first-time experience for her. Last year, we treated her kasi for a lea salonga Cinderella stage play, our first time too. i think it's just our subconscious way of making her feel that was want to thank her for being always there to support us and guide us and for always being our achie :)

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