Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The one with coffee clap day

I had fun spending our first coffee clap day with my girls, Naan and Jill. Sad though, Jannet was'nt able to join us but there will always be a next time. The coffee clap day was more like a session to encourage each other with our goals, objectives and our journeys to our respective success paths. I've always felt blessed to have my childhood friends who can support me on whatever endeavor i want to venture in. I've always felt that God has poured me with blessings of friendships and that this alone, is a reason for a coffee clap for me :)

Of course there was coffee too prepared by Jill. we wanted to stay at the veranda but the garage flooring has not been furnished yet and dust kept coming thru the house. but other than that, their house is perfect for such gatherings.

Thanks girls. next time again! :)

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"Q" said...

we are truly lucky to have each other. more power to our friendship. :)

salamat sa support! hugs