Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The one with almost two weeks

Day 13

Lost 5 lbs. i cant seem to notice but my parents and my husband do, so it makes me feel good that somehow, something's happening...finally.

Food intake: major sin last weekend since i ate beef and pasta from catered food in parties i attended. waah! i was so hungry, i forgot about my diet. grrrhh...but other than that, my sardines, lettuce, salmon and crackers keep me alive.(not to mention my supplements) i love the breaded eggplant topped with cheese that simon and i made. :) im not sure though if it's ok.

Activities: my bike run is up to 5km already or total of 30minutes. i have to improve on this aspect as i need to give more time to physical activities to make my metabolism faster.

Sweet intake: i ate 3 pieces of brownies, a bite of chocolate and a cup of iced tea for the last 13 days. impulsive eating moments. my bad!

I'm excited with the next months. I know this will take time because after losing weight, next thing i need to accomplish is to take care of the flabs. man, my tummy is sagging.

I hope the rapid detox that my nutritionist told me is as effective too. She told me that i'm expected to lose 10 more pounds if i only eat the food that she will prepare, nothing else. I personally like the idea and i know it will make me more healthy. I just hope it's as rapid as a click of a button. hahaha.

promise...when im done with this and my body is as good as my pre-preg frame, i'll wear a two-piece suit...whatever it takes! :)

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