Friday, April 30, 2010

The one with simon's 30

Yes, my husband is 30 already! wohoo! welcome to the world of slower metabolism, faster work pace and upgraded level of maturity. :) I have'nt asked him how he felt turning 30 but it seems that he's embracing it with glee and excitement, although the excitement may also be because of his new gadget that he is so eagerly wanting to purchase as his birthday gift. I wanted him to be really happy on his birthday so i made him choose and gave him the liberty that if he decided to buy the "this is it" gadget aka iphone, he will have my permission to do so. apparently, the "reverse psychology" might be effective. He's more keen on buying another brand and model.

Simon always has grand celebrations. well, i mean not grand as in throwing big parties, giving out party invitations to 200 guests. I mean, we always see to it that it will be something all of us can enjoy, we can invite our families and kids will have a good time too. We usually hold swimming parties and this is one of those. It was a good day, albeit the rain in the evening.

We had so many food, great desserts, great company of our friends and families. It was a good time to relax and unwind, well not for me though. Since Maru was not around, had to take care of simone the whole time. But seeing her enjoy the water, as in to the point of me thinking to enroll her to swimming lessons, was worth it. She is really a water baby. soooo cute.

pictures to follow!!!

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