Sunday, July 15, 2012

The one with king of comedy

It's a little weird (for the lack of term to use) to mourn if the person who passed away is an icon of true comedy and laughter.  I mean, everybody remembers him as someone who can make you laugh til you tear away, or til you grasp for air so i guess people did'nt really think he'd be in pain, in sickness or in death.  But it's just inevitable. It just is.

I heard about his passing July 10 at around 1030pm when I turned on my laptop and saw it in Yahoo News.  I really felt sad.  I know he's been trying to hang in there since his hospitalization last June 2012 but i guess i'm one of those people who never thought it would still be soon.  I know he's of age already and he has lived a full life, but you see, he's a living legend.  People who love to laugh should'nt be sick.  I guess that's how i felt. 

The following day, my husband and I were talking about his passing and to put the sorrows aside, we decided to watch a famous video clip, "Banayad Whiskey". Man, he really knows how to make people laugh, and once again, he made me laugh again. :)  It's true what he said in one of his interviews "kahit pumanaw man ako, mawala man ako, buksan nyo lang ang telebisyon nyo at magkakasama ulit tayo" (paraphrased)

Thank you for the laughter.

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