Saturday, July 07, 2012

The one with full blast party planning

Two days from now and it's my nephew's birthday! Zildjian is one! and I'm one excited aunt. (tita)

I could'nt help but interfere with my sister in law's party planning as she told me herself that party planning is not her piece of cake.  She's not used to getting all panicky and rushed for a party, even if it's for her kid.  But luckily, she has a sister in the form of moi. hahaha, just kidding. 

When she told me she'll just hire a clown and use home speakers for the sound system, I could'nt help but suggest to hire a host/magician and told her i'd be the one to do it instead.  Whatever savings they can get from cancelling it, they can just pay it to me and i'll give it to my friend Darwin who was willing to host the birthday for a super discounted rate. yey!

I also bought a cake for Zildjian.  Jane was supposed to bake one for me but her oven broke down.  And now i had to rush to go to another bakeshop and order a small cake instead.  We will also bring our beer tower, two food carts and the tarps i had made for Zildjian. yey, im excited for the party!

Happy bday Baby! :)

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