Thursday, November 22, 2012

The one with first competition

I could not believe that my daughter was chosen by her school as one of their representatives on Department of Education's Kindergarten Festival of Talents.  Her category was story reading.  When Teacher Noemi told me about it, i was mixed emotions.  I felt so happy that she was chosen, a proof that she's enjoying and thriving in school, but at the same time felt so scared about what effect it might have on her.  I was scared of myself actually.  I was not sure if i can just relax and let her enjoy just like that.  I have a tendency to be an OA (overacting) mom and i have to condition myself to be guarded at all times.   So when i told my husband about it, he was more hesitant than excited about the news.  After much talking and a deal that should she decide not to read, or throw tantrums, we would'nt force her to read at all. haha. As long as she likes to join the competition, and as long as she enjoys it, we'll let her  compete :)

And she got 2nd place! praise God. more stories to come about what happened on the day.

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by Chell said...

Congratulations Simone! Did mommy and daddy videotape your book-reading? :) I can almost imagine your reading, intonation and all. So very Simone :)