Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The one with christmas shopping!

Hark the herald angel singing falalala lalala.

Yes I am singing a Christmas song because I already feel chrimasy now. I have a long list of gift giving but I have fun with my daughter simone "wrapping" all the gifts we shop last Wednesday.
Lucky for me I got all of them on sale. That’s what I like about this season you get stuffs you want at low, low prices without sacrificing the quality. I had a meeting with my client also last Wednesday and she noticed a pair of earrings I’m wearing ( which was included to the shopping list i did). She loves it and I learned that when it comes to jewelries, she is a walking encyclopedia. She even told me that there's scott kay mens and i was like "what's that again?" i dont event know what that is but she indulged me with all the info i needed to know. haha.

Just thinking about it gets me all perked up again even after a long day of shopping and meetings. ;)

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