Thursday, November 08, 2012

The one with home cooking

Ever since i've met up with my mommy friends, i kept on thinking of ways to improve my cooking and to add more variety in the recipes i've been cooking for my family.  Thanks to Jeng and Con, they're my cooking mentors. hahaha.  I'm still learning how to make a list and plan what to prepare for the whole week.  I still can't get the routine of it so whenever i go to the grocery, I just buy whatever i think i need for the kitchen, much to my surprise, it has expired before i could have used it.

So anyway, my first attempt was during our monthly thanksgiving day.  My sister in law asked me if we can have it in our house and of course, we readily said yes.  So i asked Jeng for easy but impress-them-meals that i can make.  She gave me links of Pinoy Cook's Chicken Stuffed Cabbage and Orange Glaze pork steak.  The former was a very successful one, the latter was an acquired taste.  Using orange for your food is not a popular one but it was tasty enough as well.  But my chicken stuffed cabbage made it to their top list of favorite food. haha. Thank you Jeng for the links!

Will continue to cook healthy food for my family. I hope i'd get the hang of this soon :)

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