Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The one with wild wish

It’s a long weekend. Horay!! Family time and some fun.

Now, the problem is we don’t have a scheduled activity for it. While thinking of things that we could do, Simon and I decided to do something unconventional. Something unlikely for us even friends will be shocked if they find out what we plan on doing. You see we are not the type of people who will spend a night on the wild. But would'nt it be great if just for once we can try it? We thought of camping and hiking! hahaha. like what mountaineers do, bring utility knife, set up a tent, build a fire from stones, and all those sorts.

Then, after a lot of wishful thinking and ambitious plans, we just scrapped the whole plan out.  hahaha.  We realized this: "Who are we kidding?!" then we just went couch potato to spend our long weekend. :) Have a happy one!

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