Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The one with bookworm

I love buying books. not the pricey ones, just the ones that i'd be interested reading. Unfortunately for the books i bought, some of it are still unturned and it pains me that i can't spend the same time with them compared to when i was single and all i do is lock myself in the room and read the whole day. i know i can still do it now and i know some moms who still do. i just can't find the attitude i used to have with books. My list of to read books is piling up. hahaha. Even the magazine i recently bought, so far the topic about online life insurance is the only thing i was able to browse. harharhar.

i really should get into reading again.

1 comment:

geWi said...

ako rin, dinadownload ko na lang mga libro ehehe. yung mga super favorite ko na lang ang binibili ko!