Friday, June 11, 2010

The one with school girl

Haaayyy....we found our school for simone. Finally, we were able to find the right school for her. Simon, i can see, is still a little hesitant about the idea but he has to move on and accept the fact that his daughter is a school girl already.

Kinderville is a developmental/progressive school. They are activity-based and not the traditional way of teaching. I homeschool simone and i still want to be a hands on mom even if she starts schooling already and we've been looking for a progressive/developmental school for quite some time already.

When the owner talked to simone, she noticed that simone grips her crayons like a big girl already and that she knows her basic already. She encouraged us that we enroll her to Jr. Kinder and not nursery. hahaha. my husband has'nt moved on with the nursery idea and now she's telling us about jr. kinder?! hahaha.

But i also thought that simone might get bored with nursery. She already knows her stuff and that she might be underchallenged with the other kids in the room. by the way, the class only gets 10 per class. :)

We will enroll her next week and she starts school on June 16. wohoo! praise God! sooner or later, guys in tuxedos will come over the house to invite her to prom. waaaah!!!

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