Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The one with first movie

We are so proud of simone. she watched her first big screen movie last friday and we can't be happier. She was so behave, so excited and watched the whole film. Here are some points that you might want to consider:

~ it is important that you know your child's sleeping pattern. simone gets cranky at times when she's sleepy already that's why we chose a screening time where we think she'd be most awake. she sleeps late so a last full show is good for us. :) i thought i'd consider reading about acnepril review because of the fear that i might actually get acne from staying super late. haha

~ it's as important that your kid knows the movie characters. simone loves shrek and she knows the other characters because we've completed the Happy meal toys already.

~ conditioning is the key. hours before the movie, i was conditioning simone already of what the movie house might look like, how dark it could be, cold and that we have to finish the movie and how she can't leave while the movie is running. true enough, she was really behave and she finished the whole movie

~ buy all the food and things that can help her in case your kid gets cranky ;)

after the movie, simon thanked simone for letting us watch a movie again and finish it. :) thank you baby.

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