Sunday, June 06, 2010

The one with nutritionist again

I met with our nutritionist again and I was with Jill and Jenny. I I learned a lot again and being health-conscious is not really a piece of cake. (oh cake, i can't eat those too! huhuhu) i had some cheat days last weekend but i did'nt feel guilty at all. i know i need those comfort food to give me the energy. haha.

She also told me that canola, corn oil are not good for us. If there is any oil best for our body, it's rice bran oil. if you can't find any, palm oil is acceptable but not all necessarily beneficial. Apparently, a high burning point should be what we should look for in a cooking oil. At least a high burning point won't overuse your exhaust fan and inogen oxygen concentrator for some. haha.

After that, I bought two big cooking oil. I'am really not sure if this is all marketing but i guess there's some truth in it. ;)

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