Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The one with dressing him up

I've always loved shopping for simon. Back in college when we first met, i thought to myself that if there's one thing i would want to "improve" about simon, it's how he used to dress up. haha. i mean, he's not "baduy", he actually can put things together and look good on him. I just found him too formal then, going to school wearing slacks and leather shoes everyday. hahaha. So when i met him, he was introduced to the world of sneakers, shirts and jeans. :)

When we went shopping last week, I had fun choosing clothes for him and approving / disapproving whatever he holds on to. hahaha. and it's a good thing that most of the time, we found ourselves approving of each other's taste. He was able to buy nice men's polo shirts for him, a nice Memo pants, a new belt, and a hair gel. haha. I bought undies for myself. I just recently shopped and have'nt worn some of the clothes i bought so i thought i'd feel guilty having to buy again. ahehe.

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