Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The one with family day

For those of you who constantly read this blog, you would know by now that monday is our sacred day. :) And we see to it that we'd spend our day bonding and having that family day, away from our work and everything else. I always look forward to our mondays. When people are busy going back to work, we'd find ourselves still lying in bed and enjoying the stillness of the day. haha.

Just yesterday, we spent our day buying stuff for the house. We bought a washing machine since our old one's spinner broke down and the cost if half of the cost of a new washing machine. I also bought (finally!) a juicer for the house. The juicer is for simone's veggies and fruit purees and for us as well. So excited to use it! I almost bought a table after seeing the contemporary coffee tables in the furniture section. they will really go along with my dream "reading area" in the house but i felt that it's not really an urgent thing so i forego with buying it and bought a shoe organizer instead. hahaha.

I know I'm one of the few who could say this but I just love monday! ;)

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