Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The one with debate

The other night, we found ourselved debating whether it's a good idea to send simone to school this year. and here's our reasons, well of course, im on the "go-to-school-this-year team"

Why she should go to school:
~ i really think and feel that she's ready for school. she loves learning, she loves activities that are school related
~ i dont want her to have a hard time adjusting with school if i send her next year
~ I want her to have a more structured manner of learning
~ I want her to be able to meet more kids her age

Why she should not go to school yet:
~ She will be 3.4 years old by June. i started school at age 5. simon at age 4
~ I homeschool her
~ When you start to send her to school, that's the start of the 20-year schooling already, no backing out
~ Playschool is better than a real school at her age now. Next school year is better for simone

Whew! we even went to topics like educational plans and term life insurance rates and how much these things cost. haha. but honestly, even if i have my own good points and would want to put my foot down, i really want to be fair to simon and to give us more time to think things out. i want the decision to come from both of us and not just one was convinced by the other. hehe.

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