Sunday, September 16, 2012

The one with more books!

When i posted something in my FB wall about being a walking zombie ever since simone got sick, a lot of friends, specially moms messaged me and sent their well wishes for simone.  I felt comforted just with this act of concern from them.  But when a fellow mom ( we're not that really close so her gesture caught me by surprise) messaged me and told me she will send books to Simone hoping that she'll feel better upon seeing them, I can't help but be overwhelmed with the thoughtful gesture.  you know, it's not just about the books, but it's more of the thought that a fellow mom understands the panic, stress and pain im feeling and that she has thought of a way for one's child to feel better and just do that without anything in return.  For that, i feel sooooo humbled and blessed.

Thank you Carmelyn Reyes-Latoja for being so thoughtful.

PS. Carmelyn Reyes-Latoja is a book illustrator of sandy's books which can be found at :)

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