Thursday, September 13, 2012

The one with crazy and sick

Even if Simone is 5 already, I still can't get used to the fact that she can get sick anytime, anywhere, and that it's one of the "awful inevitables" of growing up.  She got sick, three days straight which is unusual so I had her checked up with her pedia again just so we could rule out dengue. (gosh, i really hate dengue) praise God, it's negative and that it's just cough and flu. 

We could'nt think straight, we could'nt work.  We could'nt show her how affected and how crazy her fever makes us.

And when her fever was gone, she requested for her Gelarti which she had been requesting for the longest time. hahaha. and because i can't say no to a just-recovered-from-fever kid, i gave in and bought the Hello kitty gelarti. hahaha. I'd rather spoil her than see her sick :)

thank you Lord for healing Simone.

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