Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The one with birthday once again

And because of the recent situation, I did'nt feel days passing by that quickly and I just realized that it's just several days before i turn 33. yes, i'd be 33 on monday.  Still feels like im just 28 so does'nt really matter, haha (except for the slow metabolism obvious in my weight, ahehe)

Now where to celebrate??? what gift to give to myself??? hahaha... my husband texted me the other day to choose an LV for myself as his bday gift.  But when i told him how much a wallet costs, he was like " what?!, just a little difference and you have yourself a bag already?!!!" hahaha. I'm thinking if a nice watch will do or a bling-bling. hahaha. I need to reward myself on my birthday.

Where to celebrate??? we're thinking of checking in, just dont have time yet to book one.

Where to eat??? still thinking too but definitely with the whole family, rain or shine. :)

Happy bday to me!!!

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The Sweet Life said...

Happy Birthday Jacque!!!