Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The one with habagat

It's our first time to experience this...having your house submerged with knee-high water caused by habagat (monsoon rains) and it's not even a typhoon.  I've had too many realizations after, things that made us better people, facts of life that made us rethink who we are and what we need to do with our lives. 

~ When Ondoy happened three years back, both our families and my sisters-in-law were all affected.  We were the only ones who werent and we felt so blessed that we were spared so we'd have strength to help and resources to extend.  But now, we're the only ones affected.  I remember always telling my sister in law not to worry about it, that God will replace everything sooner or later.  But when this happened to us,  I know all the things i said before still stand true, but i just can't help but feel sad and down for what happened.  Quoting what my friend Jeng said in her FB post, (rephrased): "i know everything will be alright, i know that God will replace all these material stuff, but i still can't help feeling sad thinking we're starting over agin".  I cannot relate to the starting over again as this is the first time this happened to us but i was sooo nodding over and over while reading her post, like it was exactly what i was feeling.  I had the chance to chat with Concon, another good friend of mine who was affected by Ondoy as well.  And i told her what i was feeling and that i dont have plans of dwelling on this emotion as it is not something God would like me to feel or think.  I just want everything to be back to normal.  And I know it was God-planned that we were able to chat, she enlightened me and reminded me of things to be thankful for, and that those are the things that i should focus on. And everything just seemed okay. :)

~ Accepting my friend's offer to stay in their house until we're back on our feet was really a humbling experience.  I know we've been friends since forever and that it's really not a big deal, but it's the first time we have to stay at another house because we dont have a decent place to stay in.  We stayed in Sogo hotel for four days before we decided to check out and just stay at Jill and Jon's place.  Their house is really nice as they have a guestroom intended for us but we can't help feel shy and uncomfortable that we're staying there and can't stay in our house.  I told Simon i'd rather swallow my pride just so i can be sure that my daughter is safe.  Our basement has been submerged with 6ft deep water and i dont plan to bring my daughter there until we're sure the house is ok.

~ Sometimes you expect other people to help you but the truth is, you should'nt expect them to.  I appreciate all the support our families have for us, i dont know, for some reasons though, i was expecting more from them during this time.  And suddenly, it daunted on me that maybe they were feeling the same during Ondoy, that we were not that "helpful" or at least exerted effort to help. hehe, just thinking out loud here.

~ I realize that the things that you've been trying to keep all your life, most of them are just things that you can actually let go, things that really don't matter in the end.  When our basement was flooded and I realized that most of our things were there, i found out later that i can live by even without these things.  Looking at it, it's one way to declutter your life :)

All in all, I praise God for everything.  I have countless things to be thankful for and I will forever hold on to His word and know that everything will be in His control.

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jeng said...

Na mention pala ako dito. : ) Gosh..nalungkot ako ulet nun nakita ko yun mga pictures na 'to. Ang taas din pala ng baha sa VV.