Saturday, April 22, 2006

The one with never complete

Yes...we will never be complete! we threw a bridal shower for our friend concon, the first we got to throw for the group. simon and i had to attend practice so we were'nt able to have lunch with the girls. we just met them at starbucks and had frap, and 2nd batch nung shower. karla and alex had to go naman agad to attend sa birthday party and house dedication of her bro. in law. it was fun having to see my w@wie friends again. i hope this friendship will be forever! yihee!

after the shower, we attended an art exhibit of our ninong Pastor Super. it was so nice. the concepts are unique. it's like color me mine plates and bowls, except that the themes are so personalized and biblical. very inspiring! we've wanted to support him so much by buying one but we can't afford to hang a 10k plate in our apartment...hehehe. i asked him na lang to make platitos for us...that i think we can afford! hahaha.

so there, that's how we celebrated our 4th monthsary! happy beh! love you! grabe, 4 months na tayo!!! and hindi pa rin natin nasusubmit songs natin for video! hahaha.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The one with In sickness and in health

It was our first time to be down with a bad sore throat and sabay kami. It was soooo hard...Simon felt his first symptoms 2 days after our galera trip. He felt so weak and eventually turned out to be a sore throat and fever that lasted for 3 days. On wednesday, i felt his symptoms also (turned out i nahawa ako because of all the pag-aalaga i gave him). okay lang naman coz my fever lasted for a day lang pero syempre, we still can't do anything aside from eating a lifeless noodle soup for days, drink a lot of orange juice, pineapple juice and water. grabe! Jane and her fiance had to go to our house and check on us and brought some pabili i made for us...noodles, more juices, and medicines. we did'nt take antibiotics coz we wanted to counsult a doctor first. monday, first day of work from holy week, we consulted a doctor even if sore throat na lang ang nararamdaman namin. she advised us to take antibiotics for 7 days. it's my 7th day today and we're very well na.

despite being weak and feeling helpless for the whole of holy week, there were things we loved while feeling pain and sick:
~ i love the fact that we took care of each other. lagi kasi salitan yung fever namin, so if i was feeling strong, id take care of him and i he feels better, he'd take care of me. sarap!
~ simon told me that he felt that I was really a blessing and that he felt blessed knowing that I take care of him kahit may sakit sya.
~ we had so much bonding moments and quality time talking about life and other stuffs
~ I'm loving him more and more...each day is God's gift to us and that we only feel gratitude for everything that is being given to us.

I love you beh...thank you for being my nurse...and doctor...hehe.

Monday, April 17, 2006

The one with the Puerto Galera virgin

Yes, Im a certified Puerto Galera virgin...super had a blast...probably one of the most fun outings we had ni simon. we were with our best friends, my greenpark darlings together with Naan's boyfriend, jason. we were saddened that Jhon(Jill's fiance) wasnt able to go with us for missionary work but we know he is more needed somewhere else than be with us. grabe, we left manila last April 7 at 4:00 in the morning. nihatid naman kami ni Mang Rey (driver of jill's dad) to Kamuning Jam Liner. We rode a 5:00 trip to Batangas pier. grabe, etong mga friends ko nag-CR pa.umaandar na ang bus, wala pa! hahaha. sabi namin, "manong, sandali lang po...wala pa po yung mga kasama namin!" and so they waited...upon reaching the pier, we got the Mt. Samat ferry na. syempre, my friend jannet and my hubby rode the ferry for the first time. hihihi...kaya excited sila at nagpa-picture kme. when Naan asked this guy to take our pic, sya pala yung captain! hahaha...katawa! after the trip, we went up to their deck, shoot some more pictures, and nakita na lang namin kumakaway na yung daddy ni Jill na sinundo kme. May van na waiting for us to Napocor plant staff house. it was an almost all-paid expense trip for us. we only paid for our transportation and a little on things we bought for them as tokens. everything was already taken cared of.

on our first day, we were so hyper we got to do everything we wanted! banana boat, boating from one island to another, snorkeled. although wasnt able to enjoy the snorkeling much. i had trouble with the vest. for some reasons, i could'nt breathe. i opted to just stay at the banana boat after 10 mins. sayang, although the corals i saw were not that good, hehe. rationalizing! compared to bora's kasi, mejo brownish and wala masyado fish. i had a hard time going up the banana boat. for a while nga, naawa me sa sarili ko kasi sa super bigat na ng legs ko, hindi ko talaga mabuhat sarili ko. kawawa naman ako... :( after snorkeling, we went to this island na unti lang ang nag-swim. we collected stones. dun ako nag-enjoy! saya! i even used the snorkeling gadgets para makita ko mabuti yung! (oh, and the memorable experience naan had...wont make kwento na about it..hehe)

on our 2nd day, we were in a more relaxed mode. we woke up late, had a very good breakfast, did some grocery, prepared our food for our bonfire/bbq, then headed to galera white beach to swim. man! dami tao, as in! di nakaka-relax. the beach, i dunno, bigla na lang lalalim...scary noh! kaya nasa malapit lang kme ng shore nag-swim. we also bought sarongs for us and jason and simon bought sandos with puerto galera print in it. nice! 530pm, mang dodo fetched a boat! naks! ang saya! feeling sosi...everyone was staring at us kasi parang "wow, may boat sila..." hahaha...galing! we stayed on this private island called abang ilog, did some pictorials, the men put on the fire and barbequed all the meat we bought. walang light, we hardly see what they are roasting. and dami pa buhangin kme nakain...crunchy! sa super gutom namin, kinain pa rin namin lahat yun! hahaha. kaya ayun, days after we're back in manila, nagka sore throat kme and lagnat lahat...haayy!

tapos, pauwi namin mali ang nasakyan namin na bus! hahaha. so much for a perfect getaway! we paid P900+ for all of us tapos ibang bus nasakyan namin,so we had to pay again. good thing, naan was so OC she allocated a contingency fund for us that we were able to use for the bus trip back to manila.

truly, one of the most fun summer getaways with my bestfriends!!!

pistures to follow...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The one with blogger help

haay....i just want to have a cleaner look for my blog..i attempted to change the skin. saved the template to note pad muna, just in case. ayan, di ko na naibalik to the original design. all my flickr, tag boards are gone...huhuhu...di bale, sa holy week, aayusin ko to ulit. haha, daming gusto gawin sa holy week noh?!

so, what did i eat yesterday???hmmm...oatmeal for breakfast, no lunch, one slice of shakey's pizza, some chicken, 2 pcs. mojos, and ga-platito ng pansit for dinner. pwede na ba? kaya lang napakain ako ng 1 chocopie...sweet so parang ganun din. hahaha.

last night, we went to naan's house to meet about galera. so there, tuloy na tuloy na kme pero we still have to convince jannet to reschedule her interview so she can go with us. hmmm, excited ba kme ng hubby ko??? pwede na pero hindi masyado honestly kasi going to galera means that we might not push thru with our family outing on simon's bday. we intend kasi to shoulder all expenses for that outing (with his family and mine) kaya lang with all the gastos, credit card payments, utility billings, etc., it might not push thru. pero gusto ko pa rin matuloy. it's the first bday na mag-asawa na kme and i want it to be special...may profit sharing kme na darating sa bday nya so im gonna get some dough, pero syempre ayaw namin ubusin lahat diba. hmmm, let's see kung matutuloy. :)

Belated happy birthday ritz! dedeliver ko na lang C2 mo ha!

Monday, April 03, 2006

The one with ala Avenetto

it was a sunday...a day na magkasama kme ni simon the whole day! i prepared goof este good food for my hubby. katuwa, the thing they say about how cooking can be an art and a therapy...well, it's true. i tried to cook yesterday without a tv on, just music by Norah Jones. my goodness, i felt so encouraged and excited while cooking...nag set up pako. haha. i cooked Carbonara ala avenetto style. super creamy sauce with chicken, meat, and mushrooms...yummy!

then, i also prepared a caesar salad on the side. sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce...grabe! next time, i'll prepare the dressing from scratch. hihi.

it was a good day...we laughed lang the whole day...we were trying to marathon kasi Smallville season 5. after the disc 3, simon sang, "May bukas pa...ang buhay mo..." hahaha...katawa talaga yung asawa kong yun...i so love him! :)

tapos ngayon, im eating na lang a lifeless oatmeal for breakfast. nilagyan ko na lang ng chocolate and milk to taste better. getting serious in the losing weight thing. will do jogging with my hubby the whole of holy week, will also NOT eat rice for two weeks muna. so goodbye rice! excited nako mag-bakasyon!!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The one with a weird feeling

baket ganun??? when i look at our wedding pictures right now, feeling ko years ago na sya!!! promise! ive been browsing thru them for how many times now and im feeling the same way...parang ang tagal nya na nangyari...i was thinner then, simon was thinner then, i felt like i looked younger there...waaah! was it just me or talagang all married couples go thru this???

weird noh??? must be the April Fool's day spirit...nyahahaha...