Monday, May 29, 2006

The one with the other day's wedding

haayyy... we are so happy for concon and nel...they are finally married! there was so much love in the air, it was full of emotions. i could'nt help but cry everytime she'd cry. hahaha. their wedding was so much a reflection of their personalities. and the best part was nag let go si concon. ni-enjoy nya talaga the most important day of her life! kaya super saya-saya!!!

we thought we would'nt see her walk down the aisle...but we did! i was literally running from the parking lot when i saw her sa labas with madge and veluz fixing her gown. she's so beautiful. feeling ko kapatid ako na nakikita ko yung sister kong maglalakad na sa aisle. i even felt nervous when i saw her. waahhh! first wedding kasi namin after ours kaya may hang over pa siguro ako. hahaha.

and there she cried...when she hugged her mother, they wont let go...kakaloka! wala pa naman ako tissue!! buti na lang shortly after it, dumaan si clarice at may dalang tissue. hahaha. even madge cried. kaloka talaga kmeng mga bakla!

the priest was hilarious! puro patawa and interview portion! :D

the recessional was so much fun! si karl (mimi and karl) dinapuan ng doves...hahaha! while all of us were staring at him and laughing at him, he was so helpless with the two doves clawing his head. nyahaha! good thing magka-chika pa kme ni madge, may picture pa kme ni simon with the couple taken by mimi and karl kasi nahuli kme to leave the church. hahaha.

sa reception, super fabulous set-up! as in, ganda ng gazebo nila with a very cozy ambiance because of the sofa and the votive candles...galing! the AVPs were so nice. galing ng 3logy! love the cake also.

pero the best thing i love about their wedding, love and God manifested all throughout the wedding. you can actually feel the love and joy they have for each other. siguro because I also knew what concon went through before the wedding so feel na feel ko rin ang wedding nila. we are so happy for them

love you con and nel! and buti na lang isa lang ang rice cooker na na-receive nyo! galing sa amin pa! muah! love you and tuloy natin ang once a month gimik natin ha.

Friday, May 26, 2006

The one with tomorrow's wedding

Wow!!! It's concon and Nel's wedding tomorrow! Yehey! We're praying for a perfect weather! May God continue to bless their lives as they journey the path of marriage. Our advance congratulations and best wishes to you both! No one in this world can fit for you both as much as you do on each other! Love you both! :)

Monday, May 22, 2006

The one with being back again!

grabe, it's been a whole month of no blogging at all! i did'nt even have the time to blog on my hubby's first birthday after our wedding! we had so much fun there! feeling ko nga spoiled yun eh kasi lagi ganda ng mga birthdays nya. hahaha. although, i also had my share of fun when he threw a party for me and in fairness, pag may celebration for him, automatic kasama ako run! hahaha.

anyway, we had a swimming party at club manila east! with our families lang naman and close friends! sarap mag swimming! may kayaking pa na super saya! nung una, kinakabahan ako kasi i can only swim up to a certain level, yung hangga't nato-touch ko ang floor, ok pako. weird noh?! kaya nga psychology course ko nung college eh, to identify what's really wrong with me! haha. so anyway, tinanong ko yung mama, sabi ko "kuya, gano po kalalim yan???" sabi nya "4.5 feet lang" ayos! go na go nako with kayaking! todo nato! :D sakit nga lang sa kamay and arms.

after that, we ordered food and nag-slide ulit. kakahiya, yung slide, ayaw ako umandar!!! parang vaseline commercial! bad trip talaga yun! sabi nung lifeguard, dahil daw sa fabric ng shorts ko! hmp! kainis! pero si simon, slide na slide! ang bilis! takot na takot tuloy sya! hahaha.

what else happened ba??? oh we're busy with work...lapit ko na i-launch ang vitamins ko! we had a brand planning in tagaytay. may kukwento ako sa inyo...ako si chona chikadora ngayon! we met some artistas on our stay at canyon woods. syempre, pa-picture kme. nagpunta si artista R sa function room namin coz kilala namin ang location manager ng teleserye na yun coz we had product intrusions there with our brands. so anyway, chika-chika. i asked her if what dogs does she have. she has two schnauzers, mag-daddy. tapos, picture2. after that, she asked, "so nag-'launch' na kayo?" i told her, "sa june pa..." then she went like, "no i mean, food..." then i went, "ahhhh...lunch...yeah, were done." pag labas nya, naloka tlga kme lahat. so bad, pero natawa talaga kme. kasi naman she's trying so hard to slang her words...nyeh! my bad...

happy monthsary behbi ko! san gimik natin??? we'll attend nga pala the seminar on "da vinci code, jesus and the bible" later. love you so much simon! muah!